Seminari ed eventi 2010

  • 15/02/2010     Alison Barth, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh – USA
    “Cellular and Synaptic substrates of perceptual plasticity”


  • 14/05/2010     Gerry Melino, University Tor Vergata; University of Leicester, UK
    “P73 neurodevelopment and degradation”


  • 28/05/2010     Tommaso Fellin, Italian Institute of Technologies;  University of Genoa, ITALY
    “Astrocyte modulation of neuronal networks in the somatosensory cortex in vivo”


  • 17/05/2010     Tommaso Russo, University of Naples Federico II; CEINGE, ITALY
    “the APP-Fe65 complex and its role in DNA damage response”


  • 25/06/2010     Alan Carleton, University of Geneva – SWITZERLAND
    “Analysis of the mechanisms underlying sensory perception and odor coding in the mammalian olfactory bulb”


  • 23/07/2010     Michele Giugliano, University of Antwerp – BELGIUM
    “Nanomaterials/Neuronal hybrid system: first step in nano-neuroscience”


  • 14/10/2010     Michelangelo Campanella, Royal Veterinary College; UK
    “Setting the pace of mitochondrial key enzymatic pathways to modulate cellular life and death”


  • 02/10/2010    Lucio Annunziato, University of Naples; ITALY “The The Na+/Ca++ “The Na+/Ca++ exchanger, a druggable target for brain ischemia”